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Bottle Cooler Manufacturers

Bottle Cooler Manufacturers

Carrefrost is the India's leading refrigeration company. We manufacture and supply the different range of refrigeration products we have a very variety of products if you are thinking to purchase any kind of refrigerator, we are here for you. Also, we are the huge Bottle Coolers Manufacturers in India. We focus on the quality of our products that’s why we have many numbers of happy clients who only deals with us. According to us Keep your Drinks chilled and your client happy. And these both things are possible only when your product have some quality. We offer the different ranges of Bottle coolers. We will design the product to meet the heavy demands of commercial businesses such as hotels, restaurants, fast food outlets, pubs and so on. As our Bottle coolers come with heavy duty compressors that allow bottles to be chilled quickly. And they have a capacity up to 300 L, 400 L and 500 L.

Bottle Cooler Suppliers

If you have a bar, restaurant, pub etc., and looking for the incredible bottle coolers, so Carrefrost is here to help you with the same. As our product are manufactures under the quality guidelines we focus on the quality of the product. And if you go with the Carrefrost then there is guaranty of durability as well as quality. Our Bottle coolers are of stylish design with the maximum capacity as compare to another company. Now our Bottle Coolers Suppliers have introduced a most stylish range of Bottle coolers that allows you to set the temperature accordingly as per the customers taste and preferences because customers’ requirements are important for us. hence we are the best choice for bottle cooler dealers in delhi.

Product Features
  • Bottle coolers have PUF insulation
  • Bottle coolers consume low power
  • Bottle coolers have an option of PP/SS in a tank
  • Bottle coolers have Pre-painted sheet for longer life and easy cleaning
  • Bottle coolers have eco-friendly refrigerant
  • Bottle coolers have thermostat for accurate temperature control
  • Bottle coolers is suitable for tropical weather conditions
  • Bottle coolers have double door option available in higher capacities
  • Bottle coolers is recessed handle.
  • Stainless Steel Water Bottle coolers are Much More Durable than Plastic

Models Available

  • FSS220 – Storage Capacity 20 Liters / Cooling Capacity 20 Liters
  • FSS240 – Storage Capacity 40 Liters / Cooling Capacity 20 Liters
  • FSS480 – Storage Capacity 80 Liters / Cooling Capacity 40 Liters
  • FSS680 – Storage Capacity 80 Liters / Cooling Capacity 60 Liters
  • FSS8120 – Storage Capacity 120 Liters / Cooling Capacity 80 Liters
  • FSS15150 – Storage Capacity 150 Liters / Cooling Capacity 150 Liters