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Drinking Water Cooler Manufacturers
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Drinking Water Cooler Manufacturers

Water is most important requirement for every human being, And If that water is in cool form, then it will be very enjoyable in drinking during summers. And Carrefrost is the Brand name for the Drinking Water coolers Manufacturers. This type of Drinking water cooler has all the parts which have used in a normal fridge that we use in our home.

We are the best Drinking Water coolers Manufacturers in India. We supply our Drinking water coolers in world wide. As We are the Huge Drinking water coolers suppliers.

Our mainly goal is to give the most successful and friendly customer facility. That's why we maintain 100% behind our products. Which are offering in home and office tech support in over 220 cities across the US. We provide our water coolers 1-year manufacturer’s warranty as a further commitment to your satisfaction.

The Drinking water cooler comes with back handle for greater ease of movement. The hot water child with safety lock and eliminates the danger of serious accidents and injuries. We supply the Drinking water coolers in all over the India as we are the huge Drinking water coolers Manufacuturers. Our only focus is to provide the best quality to our clients. Carrefrost has different varieties of water coolers which are based on its capacity like double door or single door hard top or glass top, deep freezer etc.

Product Features
  • Drinking water coolers uses the antibacterial chemical free technology prevent the growth of bacteria commonly found in water, certified by WQA under NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for Bacteriostatic.
  • Drinking water coolers uses 3 and 5-gallon water bottles which features a food-grade stainless steel water tank to help and improve the water taste.
  • Drinking water coolers have compressor cooling and a cold-water thermostat control, and have a heating capacity of 4-liters per hour above 194-degrees and a cooling capacity of 2-liters per hour below 50-degrees.

Models Available

  • PSS220 – Storage Capacity 20 Liters / Cooling Capacity 20 Liters
  • PSS240 – Storage Capacity 40 Liters / Cooling Capacity 20 Liters
  • PSS480 – Storage Capacity 80 Liters / Cooling Capacity 40 Liters
  • PSS680 – Storage Capacity 80 Liters / Cooling Capacity 60 Liters
  • PSS8120 – Storage Capacity 120 Liters / Cooling Capacity 80 Liters
  • PSS15150 – Storage Capacity 150 Liters / Cooling Capacity 150 Liters