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Glass Top Chest Freezer Manufacturers

Carrefrost supply the Glass Top Chest Freezer across all over India. And We are best Glass Top Chest Freezer Manufacturers in Delhi. We are dealing with all kind of freezers including water cooler, half freezer, chest freezers, glass top freezers etc. Our Glass Top Chest Freezer dealers provide wide range of Glass Top Chest Freezer. which are able to fulfil the client Requirements.

It creates the temperature below freezing point, which are suitable for various industries in a cost-effective manner and offering exceptional temperature uniformity. We produce our Voltas Deep Freezers with excellent sample protection.

Glass Top Chest Freezer Manufacturers

This freezer is also known as Vertical Deep Freezer and Horizontal Deep Freezer. Voltas Deep Freezers are a preferred choice for all those who want to store ice-creams, cold drinks and other dairy and frozen products in a bulk quantity. As the Quantity of these Deep Freezers is much more compare to any other normal freezer.

Carrefrost is well known for their high quality Glass Top Chest Freezer Manufacturers. They offer high-quality Voltas water coolers at an affordable price. Many latest Voltas Deep Freezers have been introduced according to the time and trend. They ensure you the extra cooling, and due to this it preserves the edibles until their use.

Glass Top Chest Freezer Dealers

If you have few things to store then you can go for a Voltas 120l fridge or a 90-liter display refrigerator. And if you want to store the bulk of things so you can opt for Voltas 210 liters refrigerators and 500 liters refrigerators too. And you can contact us we are happy to help you. As we are here for you only, to provide our clients better products through which the clients become happy. Best Quality Glass Top Chest Freezer Dealers.

Our main focus on the quality of products and our client satisfaction. All our Voltas Deep Freezers (commercial refrigerators) are well known for their direct cool technology. It means that the cooling effect takes place by a natural convection process only. We provide 1-year manufacturer warranty, semi-automatic defrosting mechanism, etc.

Product Features
  • Voltas Hard top deep freezer have efficient energy compressor and resistant durable body
  • Power - AC 230 V/50 Hz
  • Glass Top Chest Freezer - GT110
  • Glass Top Chest Freezer - GT200
  • Glass Top Chest Freezer - GT300
  • Glass Top Chest Freezer - GT400
  • Glass Top Chest Freezer - GT500