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Chest Freezer Dealers

Carrefrost Chest Freezers are the most effective, economical for safe storage of biodegradable foods. Our huge range of hard-top chest freezers include cutting-edge technology and innovative features. which gives you the guaranty of long-lasting freshness. We are Chest Freezer Dealers

We are best Chest Freezer Manufacturer in India and out of India also. We are top in this field. Because the Quality of our Chest Freezer is monitoring under our knowledgeable professionals. Our Chest Freezer manufacturers focus on the quality not on the quantity. As our main objective is to fulfill the client requirements. That’s why we are the huge Chest Freezer suppliers.

Our Chest Freezer comes with a different, unique, exclusive chemical free disc which can be effectively terminate the growth of bacteria commonly found in water. The disc is located inside the cold-water tank coat inside the funnel. This ground-breaking technology is certified by the Water Quality Association of America (WQA) under the NSF/ANSI standard 42 for bacteriostatic.

The Chest Freezer is the most economical freezer. It is called by this name because it is typically shaped like a large box or chest with a hinged lid which can opens upward. The Chest freezers range in compact size from models as small as 2.1 cubic feet and the commercial sizes with more than 40 cubic feet of space.

Chest freezers is more energy-efficient than other upright freezers. Because in Upright freezers there is smaller gaps in the door mechanism. So, they can take more energy to keep the food cold. And, if the power in the home goes out for days, the chest freezers can keep food frozen for 2 to 3 days.

Product Features
  • Chest freezers have corrosion Resistant Body
  • Chest freezers have a soft Look designs with powerful construction
  • Chest freezers is of stucco Aluminum Inner Body for Improved Hygiene
  • Chest freezers is suitable for high ambient temperatures
  • Chest freezers have highly energy efficient compressor
  • Chest freezers have CFC Free High Density and PUF Insulation
  • Chest freezers have heavy duty castor wheels for easy transportation
  • Chest freezers have a spring-loaded hinge for effortless use
  • Chest freezers have food grade UV plastic parts
  • Hard Top Chest Freezer - 110 CF SD
  • Hard Top Chest Freezer - 210 CF SD
  • Hard Top Chest Freezer - 250 CF SD
  • Hard Top Chest Freezer - 320 CF SD
  • Hard Top Chest Freezer - 410 CF DD
  • Hard Top Chest Freezer - 520 CF DD