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Steel Water Cooler Manufacturers

Steel Water Cooler Manufacturers

Carrefrost is a well-known for the Steel Water Coolers, we are the steel water cooler in different designs. and give you an assurance about the product quality. Our Steel Water Cooler manufactures have a deep knowledge that how to make a product up to date according to the time. Our all products are based on the new technology with different designs. Steel Water Coolers Dealers

Carrefrost has developed an innovative stainless-steel water cooler bottle for ‘maximum protection’ in drinking water. We are one of the best Steel Water Cooler Suppliers in India. Our range of product is not beatable. With the help of the keen knowledge of our engineers we are able to produce the excellent quality of Steel Water Coolers. The Steel Water Coolers products have an unlimited lifespan. Carrefrost steel water coolers offer efficient refrigeration systems;

Steel Water Cooler dealers

Drinking water is most important requirement for every human being, and if this water is in chilled form, it will be very satisfying to drink during summer. Steel Water Coolers are used to decrease the temperature of water irrespective of the ambient temperature. The steel water coolers also provide water at a constant temperature.They can provide cold water at about 7 C to 13 C. As a Steel Water Coolers Dealers we provides water cooler in theatres, malls, hospitals, schools, offices, and so on. All Steel Water Coolers consists of normal parts that are the similar as that of a refrigeration system such as condenser (usually air cooled), compressor, expansion device, provisions are provided for water inlet and outlet.

We basically focus on the quality of products and want that the client should be happy from our products. Because we believe in that the water should be cooled and the client should be happy.

Product Features
  • Steel Water Coolers are Ideal for heavy cold-water usage.
  • Steel Water Coolers have PUF Insulation.
  • Steel Water Coolers have Adjustable cold-water thermostat
  • Steel Water Coolers have Ball Cock for Direct Connection to Tap or R.O.

Models Available

  • FSS220 – Storage Capacity 20 Liters / Cooling Capacity 20 Liters
  • FSS240 – Storage Capacity 40 Liters / Cooling Capacity 20 Liters
  • FSS480 – Storage Capacity 80 Liters / Cooling Capacity 40 Liters
  • FSS680 – Storage Capacity 80 Liters / Cooling Capacity 60 Liters
  • FSS8120 – Storage Capacity 120 Liters / Cooling Capacity 80 Liters
  • FSS15150 – Storage Capacity 150 Liters / Cooling Capacity 150 Liters