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Water Cooler Manufacturers

Water Cooler Manufacturers

Carrefrost is the huge Water Cooler Manufacturers and Supplier in India. Because we knows the needs and requirements of our clients. And we focus on the quality of the water coolers. because of this our products are highly durable than the others. Our latest range of water coolers, cool the water surprisingly fast as they come with an all-stainless-steel body. Office Water Cooler Dealers.

And Carrefrost provides the power saving insulation and a comprehensive warranty. If you are thinking for purchasing this so go ahead because our water coolers are complete value for money. By the use of Water Cooler, you don't just get cold water but also you will get the healthy Environment, for years to come.Office Water Cooler Dealers

We are the best providers of Water Cooler Manufacturer. Water cooler body and tank is made up of stainless steel. And it is very easy to control. And have a storage capacity of 20L to 30L. Our water has mechanically expanded condenser from others. And It is also providing protection Over-load compressor. And auto cut-out facility is also available in our Water Coolers.

Water Cooler give cold water which is free from all dirt. They are used for all commercial usage; school, college, office, hospital, restaurants, and canteens etc. We supply our water cooler all over the India as we are the Best Water Cooler suppliers. Our generally main focus is on the product, our product must be like that as client want. We Firstly focus on the needs then only we make the Item.

Product Features
  • Water Cooler have CFC Free Refrigerant
  • Water Cooler have fast cooling and high energy efficient compressor
  • Water Cooler is of full stainless-steel body
  • Water Cooler PUF Insulation is Environment Friendly
  • Water Cooler have Food Grade Plastic Parts
  • Water Cooler have Stainless Steel Tank, Trough and ta
  • Water Cooler is controllable Thermostat with Auto Cut
  • Water Cooler have Adjustable Legs

Models Available

  • FSS220 – Storage Capacity 20 Liters / Cooling Capacity 20 Liters
  • FSS240 – Storage Capacity 40 Liters / Cooling Capacity 20 Liters
  • FSS480 – Storage Capacity 80 Liters / Cooling Capacity 40 Liters
  • FSS680 – Storage Capacity 80 Liters / Cooling Capacity 60 Liters
  • FSS8120 – Storage Capacity 120 Liters / Cooling Capacity 80 Liters
  • FSS15150 – Storage Capacity 150 Liters / Cooling Capacity 150 Liters